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Electric Water Heater Inspection

We need to  do is we need to fire the burners and  what it’ll do is stage fire the burners  just one or two burners here and there  to keep this heat exchanger warm it’s  pretty ingenious how it works so the  problem with the heat exchanger with  failure is not so much thermal cycling  like it is with maybe furnaces it’s more  buildup of scaling yeah buildup of  scaling and heat exchangers I mean  there’s a 10 year warranty on most the  heat exchange of these 10 or 12  typically a heat exchanger under  standard load conditions which is  domestic our domestic hot water typical  usage should last 25 to 30 years but  again the beauty of these is it’s a  component system anything that goes  wrong inside here can be replaced with a  Phillips head screwdriver and that’s the  beauty of it if something something goes  out the heat exchanger starts to develop  a leak in about 25 minutes a good  technician can have this heat exchanger  out of here well have a new one in  mmm-hmm pop it in so easy so this is the  the exhaust fan that’s the combustion fan that’s correct and on it on an  indoor unit typically you’re going to  see a black boot right here and that  boot is connected to the the combustion intake.

which is this part right here that we saw and then the exhaust of  course is pushing the exhaust out  the inside pipe on an outdoor unit of  course you don’t have to have all that  because all we’ve got is the one slit  right is the intake and exhaust  are there any standard venting  dimensions like distance from a window  the inspector can be aware of when  looking at an outside unit yes and the  word to the wise there is an inspector  should have the book for the unit  because again every unit is different  mm-hmm and every tankless water heater  manufacturer sets its own standards for  vent clearances two different things  typically we don’t have the manual so we  just have to give it our best shot so  you know if we have a manual handy handy  it’s it’s a good it’s good to look at  but if you just had to stand back and  look are there anything any dimensions  that are common to all these things Oh  old tankless water heaters like distance  from a window  just since above the ground typically  twelve inches above the ground is what  what you’re looking for for the vent if  it’s outs if it’s an outdoor unit you  really generally don’t have that issue  because the unit’s gonna be at least  this is you know 24 inches high plus the  pipe cover on the bottom so it’s usually  typically thirty inches above the ground  where event is about this high in cement  about this area house well plus the the  pipe cover box is underneath it so it’s  usually about thirty inches off the  ground so it’s not a problem but where  we’ve got to come out through a rim  joist run into situations where a rim  joist is not 12 inches off the ground  and you see the the vent pipe coming out.

We know it’s too low you can just look  at it and tell if it’s less than twelve  inches above the ground it snows going  to cover that thing up yeah and what it  does it’s going to cause problems for  the venting typically Rinnai for example  is one foot from an opening door or  window or any kind of intake power  intake it’s four feet can’t be right  directly below a deck you can’t be right  next to a door mm-hmm  there there are some typical things that  you can look for clearances figure on a  foot though at least for just about  every unit for the vent clearance to and  opening into the house from grade no  open opening it  yeah like a window or door anything like  that figure at least a foot the other  thing to look for the other red flag for  inspector there are a few of them  condensing units air conditioning  condensing is we typically don’t want to  see exhaust gas blowing right on a  condensing unit why because it’s pulling  you know somebody could be taking a  shower it could be pulling that exhaust  gas in over the condensing coils exhaust  gas has sulfur dioxide carbon monoxide  and water vapor those are the three  basic elements of exhaust gas well what  happens when you put sulfur dioxide and  water together gets sulfuric acid okay  so you don’t want that running across an  air-conditioning coil you want it  typically at least six feet away from a  gas meter because this is an power in  tech you don’t want to be pulling raw  gas into this unit not a pretty sight  you typically want to be not directly  below an electric panel and have some  distance away if you can off to the side  of an electric panel so these are some  of them for the same reason is because  of corrosive gases mm-hmm exactly.

You  don’t want that going up into the  breakers well is there anything let’s  see this the controls here we’d see  inside we wouldn’t see those outside  correct yep and the control is a digital  control and it does have a program  button where whereby we can find out a  lot of things about the inn if there if  it has ever shut off on any code again  what the computer does is it regulates  the system if for example someone were  to shut the gas off to this unit a code  12 would flash here the homeowner would  come down and see it’s flashing at 12:00  and call hopefully the technician to put  it in and say splashing a code 12 well  that means that it doesn’t have gas some  reason someone has shut it off or the  the vent is blocked it could be a code  10 or a code 12 actually some of the  codes overlap but you by pushing the  program button we can find out what the  codes are we also with this unit we can  find out what the flow through the unit  is at any given time by pushing a series  of buttons on that controller now  everyone’s going to be different so  there’s no sense I’m really showing you  this particular unit but there’s a lot  that you can find out from that control  other than just the output set point  temperature at least at least we know  that it’s possible via information from  the display witness remembers amount of  information from that which comes  straight off the computer  um do inspectors need to worry about  insects yes yes yeah that’s a typical  problem you don’t find it on outdoor  units I know it sounds strange but we  really don’t find problems with insects  on unit because they run they run enough  to blast any insects out of there well.

I just think that insects stay away from  them yeah because of this little slit  that’s like a metal vent with this this  vent because it’s pulling in through a  plastic and this is cool to the touch  you know insects might be walking around  on this thing you’re not gonna walk  around this cuz it’s hot  yeah especially when the in is well only  when the unit’s running but it is hot  you know this is where the heat is we  see these typically pulling in Miller  moths bees I mean I’ve seen situations  where we had pretty much every species  of bee inside of that combustion thing  because that’s what it’ll do is it’ll  suck it right in the combustion fan that  combustion fan will start to be noisy so  if an inspector sees one of these that’s  noisy almost always what the problem is  there’s int there insects lodged in that  combustion fan and it’s getting it out  of balance so I suppose the same thing  could happen with seed pods from oh sure  from surrounding trees that sort of  thing  and then a restriction any kind of  restriction cottonwood mm-hmm you know  that can as long if it’s sucking way too  much.

I mean generally speaking it will  suck it into the burner system and the  burner system will burn anything that  comes in there if it’s small enough a  particle if it’s not if it’s like a bee  or an ant or something like that it’s  gonna get lodged in here it’s not gonna  make it to the burners and then it’ll  start making a rattling sound or  something like yeah well it’s going to  whine that’s gonna make a whining sound  Dave can you talk a little bit about the  differences between a conventional water  heater and a tankless water heater sure  tank type water heater has some amount  of storage 40 50 60 up to a hundred  gallons of storage and what’s happening  on the tank type water heater is that  water is being heated all the time 24/7  which is why people are going to  tankless water heaters because of the  energy savings primarily the space  savings the lack of maintenance  of having to schlep a water heater up  out of the basement every five or six  years lack of sedimentation that we  talked about and primarily the lack of  running out of hot water which is what  you see typically with tank type water  heater with a tankless water heater it’s  impossible to run out of hot water it’s  impossible to ever be in a situation.

How to Choose the Right Style Curtain Rod

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today we’re going  to talk about the right style of curtain  rod really depends on the room the way  you’re decorating your type of  decorating style are you modern are you  cottage or your country the type of  curtain we have up a small stainless or  brushed stainless curtain rod which I  really like because stainless stays with  you for a long time it’s classic brass I  don’t like seeing a lot of brass because  it’s dated but a black wrought iron  curtain rod stainless chrome is good a  dark wood is good you there’s thin this  is a fairly thin one the diameter of the  rod you can depending on the weight of  the curtain the heavier the fabric the  heavier the amount of the fabric on the  rod the thicker the more substantial.

You need the rod to look with this one this  is small and so you wouldn’t want to  have a whole lot of heavy heavy fabric  on a very thin rod so the size of the  rod is going to be a major part of that  another thing that you want to think  about is how your curtain hooks onto the  rod does it have loops on it does it  have just a fabric pocket where you  shoot the rod through how are you going  to be able to open it if you just have a  rod like this and you have to grab hold  of the fabric the fabric sometimes will  get soiled where you open it so you want  to think about do you need a fabric and  do you need a curtain that you can have  a one where they pull or are they going  to be on rings where you can slide them  another thing to think about  and these are just so great is these  days you can really get just any type of  panel and there are any hardware store  will have these little hooks that you  just clip on and you’re ready to go so  you can even make a neat sheet cut  towels on just a piece of fabric hemet  put the clips on and have a great great  curtain that way this is Ann Myrick and  that is how to pick out a curtain rod  for your room.

Neutral Paint Colors

Grays tans off whites Browns or beige  why might a neutral color be just the  thing for your walls here’s the news on  neutrals that can help you to make the  perfect color choice for your home need  a wall color that fits in with your  current home furnishings  like many neutral shades diverse beige  is compatible with all styles and colors  of room decor making it a popular choice  if you’re refreshing your furnishings  and decor start with a neutral wall  color like essential grey neutrals like  this establish a strong yet flexible  foundation that your home’s color  palette can be built upon if you want  your walls to be a backdrop rather than  a center of attention  this shade suitably named backdrop is perfect for helping those colorful decor  pieces to stand out and while we’re on  the subject of standing out a bold colored accent wall becomes even more striking.

When the other walls in your space are neutral here we see walls  painted in China Doll now here’s  something you probably didn’t know  neutrals can be colorful as in a lighter  version of a bold color giving them a  sense of warmness or coolness warm  neutral hues with hints of red or yellow  such as tower tan make your room feel  more comforting and cozy a cooler  neutral hue like magnetic gray with  undertones of blue green tends to  instill a calm relaxing feeling to your  space color palettes using grey tones  can have a sophisticated modern feel a  light gray like stone lion can create  spaces that are fresh and refined  a darker gray like black bean has the  same grounding qualities of black  without the heaviness water wall color  that will stand the test of time  neutrals remain independent of style and  trend making them just right for anyone  who wants a look that’s long lasting see  for yourself  use the color snap tools on Sherwin  Williams comm slash color to virtually  paint any room in any Sherwin Williams  color and get your next project off to a  confident start  you.